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Employees are our greatest asset. That's why it's so important which employees a company chooses to recruit. As part of the search and selection process, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How to distinguish between an average and an excellent job candidate?
  • How to get a colleague that we can completely trust?
  • How to find and motivate a candidate to join the company?

As part of the search and selection process, we focus on each individual area. We work to ensure that the recommended job candidates are excellent for filling the working position. For us, the selection process is not just about contacting suitable candidates and then presenting them to the client, but rather a process in which we establish a relationship of trust both on the client's side and on the candidates' side.

In particular, we have identified and defined a number of key steps in the search and selection process for executive, managerial and expert positions, as these roles carry a high level of responsibility and candidates are less likely to apply on their own.

As part of the search and selection, we play an advisory role at every step of the process.

Market Research

Finding potentially suitable job candidates using the market research method is the first step in carrying out the process. First of all we determine the channels through which we would reach candidates who are suitable for the working position. The search method also depends on the candidate's profile which we define together with the client.

The search method also depends on the candidate's profile which we define together with the client.

We choose different search methods

On the basis of the exact candidate profile and the agreement with the client, we formulate a strategy for carrying out the search process. In this case, the search can take place under the name HRM One d.o.o. and is revealed to the candidate only in the later stages of the process.

We use different methods to find job candidates:

Searching through traditional job adds

Searching via digital channels

Targeted contacting of identified job candidates

Using of networking

Using our own job candidate's database

A pool of suitable job candidates

In the first step (search), we receive a set of suitable job candidates, who are then included in the selection process. In selection process we use verified and established psychological methods.

Structured interviews

With structured interviews we get an impression of the candidate through a review of his CV and through targeted questions, where we determine his motivation for the working position.

This represents an important step for assessing professional and personal competence.

Psychological profiling

In the context of psychological profiling, we obtain in-depth information about the job candidate's performance using the following steps:

Profile of intellectual abilities

Profile of personality traits

Competence profile

The performance of services is based on the standardized procedures of the profession. The selection is carried out by qualified psychologists and consultants with many years of experience in personnel selection.

Psychological profiling can be carried out as part of the entire search and selection process or as an independent service.

Practical task

In collaboration and agreement with the client, we also provide candidates with a professional assignment which makes it easier to assess their professional qualifications and competences.

Reference checking

For the candidates that are on the short-list we also check references. We establish the contact with former employers, colleagues or other relevant persons who can provide concrete experience of working with the job candidate.

Feedback to the client

On the basis of all the information obtained, the help of psychological profiling and structured interviews, we write a psychological report of the candidate.

We present the report to the client, where we also provide instructions for working with the selected job candidate (instructions for developing and promoting the candidate's motivation).

Until the signing of the employment contract

If necessary, we take care of the entire communication and coordination process of activities up to the signing of the employment contract between the selected job candidate and the client. We offer legal advices to both the client and the job candidate.

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