Providing an external HR function

As external HR function provider we fully take over the care for administrative HR and labour law related activities, so that we become an indispensable external partner. In the context of supporting the customer we are available for expert consultations to management, leaders and employees, providing compliance with law and search for optimal solutions.

External HR function


The service is intended for small and medium sized organizations without an internal HR function. By taking over the HR function we relieve management and other employees and ensure a well-regulated HR management with efficient processes that are compliant with legislation. Our advantages are quick responsiveness and availability for solving everyday HR related challenges.

Such collaborations are possible in form of a monthly fee payment. We are also available for other work legislation related questions and challenges. When providing an external HR function, we also cover the following fields of expertise: employment and positioning of foreign workers, work from home, health and safety at work, maltreatment at work, promotion of health at work, implementation of legislation changes etc.

Services include:

Employment relations

Leading the process and handeling documentation in procedures from start until end of employment.

Obligatory evidences and personnel files

Managing HR evidences and archiving documentation in a physical form.

Labour law documentation

Preparation of obligatory and requested internal acts, contracts, annexes, conclusions and orders etc.

Collaboration with other institutions

Collaboration with ZPIZ, ZZZS, ZRSZ, IT, accounting, private insurances, external and internal revisions and inspectors, etc.

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