Empowering individuals to acheive their potencial.

Constant development of leaders and employees is a crucial aspect of the overall progress of any organization, since investing in development represents an important investment in the long-term business success and competitiveness. It is important to strike a balance between investing in the professional and personal development of individuals. Expertise is a key but not a sufficient condition for successful work. There is an increased emphasis on the development of competencies and personal growth, which enable the realization of an individual's potential.

Neurofeedback coaching


A revolutionary new service in Slovenia for assessing people with neurofeedback.

This method uses sensors attached to different locations or reference points on the head to measure and observe cortical electrical activity. This activity is then translated into brain waves, which are then translated into a computer-generated recording that the person sees in front of them.

As the brain observes the monitor and the computer activity, it receives ongoing feedback based on the captured data and, depending on the response, it can regulate itself to produce more waves in the measured area that are optimal for solving specific tasks and challenges, or to gain a greater ability to calmly focus. Through ongoing, automatic feedback, they automatically learn how they need to act to better respond to the environment.

Through neurofeedback, we can develop individuals in the areas of reduced stress, improved cognitive abilities, increased productivity and better psychological well-being.

The service includes:



Expert coaching for best results

Virtual reality training

Development of leaders with the 360-degree method


Feedback and self-reflection are key to ensure development and progress. With the 360-degree method, we provide the leaders with an in-depth and systematic feedback on his or hers way of working (leadership competencies) by all key stakeholders (superiors, subordinates, co-workers).

After the assessment of leadership competencies, we provide in-depth coaching feedback to each of teh involved leaders. As part of the coaching meeting, the leader, with the help of a coach, creates an individual development plan, which is the basis for directing further development.

For the purpose of conducting the 360-degree assessment, we use a short methodologically verified questionnaire, which enables the identification of strong areas and opportunities for development in the field of people management and business management. The questionnaire can also be adjusted according to the client’s needs.

We prepare a joint report for the client, in the framework of which we acquaint him with the results of the evaluation and development plans. During the implementation of the project, we offer comprehensive support and advice (e.g. preparation of a communication plan, coordination of the list of evaluators, planning of further development programs, etc.).

Services include:

360 assessment

Psychological profiling - optional

Coaching meeting with making a development plan

Presentation of the joint report and consultations

For an in-depth analysis of an individual's mode of functioning, we recommend that 360 assessment be combined with psychological profiling. The client can choose to perform both (360 assessment and psychological profiling) or just individual methods.

Workshops and training


Workshops and training focus on building the competences of employees and leaders. The content of the workshops and the way they are delivered are tailored to the wishes and needs of the client, taking into account the purpose and the expected results of the delivery. We draw on our expertise in psychology and business knowledge.

We deliver individual workshops or advise the client on the design of integrated development programmes for target groups (e.g. leadership academy, sales academy). We adapt the delivery method to the client's needs. The duration of the workshops depends on the defined content and the number of participants. Workshops and training are delivered at the client's location, at the premises of HRM d.o.o. or online.

When delivering workshops, we adhere to the principle that the participants are active co-creators of the content. This means that we use interactive methods to enhance the learning experience and facilitate the transfer of what has been learnt into practice (e.g. role-plays, case work, etc.).

The client can choose between the following forms of workshop and training delivery:

a) Live delivery (up to 15 participants per group)

b) Online delivery (up to 10 participants per group)

c) E-course (delivery on an online platform)

The service includes:

Alignment of content and delivery method

Delivering the workshop or training



Coaching helps individuals to develop their potential and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of their success. It is an interactive process that uses coaching techniques and tools to trigger the individual's thought process about their own performance and support their development.

The success of a coaching session is dependent on the level of trust that is established between the individual and the coach. To this end, expectations regarding the reporting of the results of the coaching process are agreed with all those involved before the event.

The essence of coaching is awareness, exploration, understanding, learning, change and the creation of new patterns of thinking and action. The coach and the individual co-create the process and are co-responsible for the quality of the delivery. The content of the coaching sessions is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Individual or group sessions are possible.

Individual or group coaching sessions are possible. Meetings are conducted at the client's location, HRM d.o.o. or online. We recommend continuous coaching sessions (e.g. at least once a quarter), as this is the only way to enable lasting changes in the way an individual works.

The service includes:

Individual coaching

Group coaching

Career counselling


Career guidance is a counselling service for all those who are planning their career or educational path (pupils, students, job seekers and others). Using coaching techniques and psychometric tools, we support the individual in the process of exploring their own interests and identifying their own potentials, which helps them in guiding their career, educational path or professional decision-making.

As part of the service, a psychological profile of the individual is drawn up and an in-depth counselling interview is conducted. Based on the information gathered, we support and advise the individual in making further decisions.

The service includes:

Psychological profiling

Counselling interview

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