Establishing modern HR systems, processes and tools.

To adapt to constant changes, it is important, that organizations establish modern HR systems, processes and tools. When establishing such systems, we follow these guidelines: Tailor-made solutions for the costumer (creating adapted solutions), inclusion of different stakeholders (managers, employees, social partners) and comprehensive support (from inception to implementation).

HR strategy


HR Strategy is the cornerstone for a focused and systematic functioning of HR Management. It includes activities for human resources potential realisation and with that supporting the realisation of company vision, strategy and business goals.

Within the preparation for HR strategy we define strategic guidelines, activities, criteria for monitoring, a timeline and persons responsible. All the mentioned elements are important for a consistent implementation of the HR strategy and monitoring the overall progress.

Services include:

Current state analysis

Preparation of HR strategy

Consultations on implementation

HR systems


HR systems bring structure and predictability to the work environment, which is a precondition for effective functioning of employees and the organization. We ensure the latter only by establishing transparent, easy to use and flexible HR systems that are compliant with the valid legislation. We can divide HR systems in two groups:

a.) systems that support the basic, fundamental regulation of the company and

b.) systems that support employee development.

We tackle the renovation in a comprehensive and systematic way (establishing project and communication plans). When establishing HR systems, we start with an in-depth analysis to familiarise ourselves with the needs and specifics of the customer. During all project phases we work in an inclusive and partnership manner to enhance the success possibility of project implementation. We support the costumer in the implementation phase with additional trainings for the use of new HR systems and offering support for the digitalization processes.

The customer is free to choose to renovate among one or more of the following HR systems.

Basic HR systems:

Internal organization

Defining a modern organizational structure, a clear division of responsibilities and accountability.

Job position systemization

Defining flexible job positions (catalogue and job descriptions).

Salary and promotion system

Job position evaluation, defining salary ranges and positioning of employees.

Simulations of financial effects of the new salary system on the wage bill.

Defining the process and criteria for vertical and horizontal promotions.

Performance management and reward system

Selection of performance management method.

Selection of key performance indicators.

Simulations of financial effects of the new reward system.

Employee development systems:

Talent management

Recognizing talent, key employees and most perspective human resources (criteria and process).

Programs for managing talent, key employees and perspective human resources.

Succession planning system

System for defining key job positions (criteria na process)

System for identifying potential successors.

Programs for managing successors.

Annual evaluation interview

Definition of content and process.

Trainings of leaders and employees for the use of the system.

Competency Model

Selection and establishment of the competency model.

Defining ways for assessment and development.


Consultation on designing and establishing other employee development systems (for example: mentoring programs, rotation systems, internal knowledge transfers, internal coaching, etc.).

Work legislation consulting


Poorly managed work legislation procedures take a lot of unnecessary time and present a financial risk for the company. We offer consulting and administrative support to customers when facing HR and work legislation related challenges, always considering different aspects of issues encountered, making additional verifications if necessary. It is important for us that the solutions are in line with the legislation and at the same time optimal regarding costumers needs. Collaborations of such matter are possible in form of a monthly fee or placed individual orders or depending on actual use in line with the needs of the customer.

Our advantages are quick responsiveness, knowledge of legislation and jurisprudences and also in-depth examining of topics. Our areas of expertise in work legislation consulting include: writing and revision of internal acts, company records, employment contracts, consultations in work relations in regard to valid work legislation and other relevant legislation, employment and posting of foreign workers, work at home, health and safety at work, maltreatment at work, promotion of health at work, implementation of legislation changes etc.

Services include:

Answering HR and work legislation related questions

Preparation of documents

Communication with different stakeholders

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