Co-creating supportive work environments

through the five pillars of our services

  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Assessment
  • Recruitment


We are setting up modern HR systems,

processes and tools

  • HR Startegy
  • HR systems
  • Labour law consultancy


Empowering individuals to reach their potential

  • 360 Degree Leadership Development
  • Workshops and training
  • Coaching
  • Career counselling


We offer comprehensive HR and labour law support

  • External HR function


We prepare a comprehensive analysis of individuals and the company

1. Individual Assessment

  • Psychological profiling
  • Competency assessment
  • Assessment Centre

II. Organisation Assessment:

  • Organisational climate, satisfaction and work engagement
  • Organisational culture and values


Relationships are important in search and selection process

Employees are our greatest asset. That's why it's so important which employees a company chooses to recruit. As part of the search and selection process, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How to distinguish between an average and an excellent job candidate?
  • How to get a colleague that we can completely trust?
  • How to find and motivate a candidate to join the company?

Who are we?

We are a consultancy focused on human resources management and leadership development. We build HR processes and management systems that are efficient, employee development oriented, motivational and compliant with labour legislation.

Through out services, we aim to raise awareness and ensure quality, fair and effective people management and responsible and professional treatment of employees.

Our vision

We co-create work environments where employees and organizations can

develop sustainably

and function optimally.

How do we do it?

We are driven by challenges and the desire to co-create stories of success. We are flexible, resourceful and proactive in finding solutions.

We take a personal approach to our clients, are open in our communication and maintain confidentiality. We are professional, thorough, responsive and accessible to clients' questions and requirements in all our services.

We create our vision

through the five pillars of our services


Consulting on HR strategies, systems, processes and tools


Empowering individuals to realise their potential


External HR function


Comprehensive analysis of individuals and organisations


Comprehensive Recruitment and Selection Process

Naši partnerji


OUR clients testimonials

For us, the partnership with HRM One is an important added value in our efforts to develop our employees. The consultants we work with are professional and friendly, with extensive experience and broad knowledge. Our experience is good and valuable when we co-create various HR projects together, especially in relation to competency development assessments of our employees and in the field of consultancy.
We are happy to recommend HRM One as a competent partner for quality and efficient people management and responsible and professional treatment of employees.
Sara Olenik

Head of Development and Training in the Employee Handling Department


We have worked with HRM One on the assessment of all levels of management staff and on a specialised and very demanding recruitment and selection project, both of which required a tremendous amount of specialised and in-depth expertise, research work and a sense of the company's needs and employees' feelings to be carried out successfully. In all tasks, HRM One's work was carried out in an extremely professional and targeted manner. We are truly satisfied with their performance.
We have worked closely with HRM One's experts throughout the implementation of the above tasks, and have been able to learn from their systematic and in-depth approach to completing the tasks. We would recommend working with HRM One to other companies.
Bogdan Božac



We have been working with HRM One for many years on HR field. By working together, we have obtained a competent and efficient partner who we can rely on and who is available when we need their advice and the preparation of the necessary documentation.
The partnership cooperation is professional and up-to-date, which is key to a successful cooperation.
Katja Bezjak Draškovič

Managing Director

Strobl)Advertising Group GmbH & Co. KG,

podružnica v Ljubljani

With HRM One we cooperate on development of modern HR processes and systems such as the development of leaders using the 360-degree method, goal- based management, training of leaders through the Sava Management Academy and the assessment in selection processes.
In our organisation, there is a strong awareness of the importance of the customer. At the same time, we are aware that it is our employees who create and build excellent, long-term relationships. By working together, we have strengthened the approaches and methods that create the conditions (culture) to achieve our long-term goals of embracing the customer as a key co-creator of our products or services. This collaboration also helps us to create a springboard for our employees to help them achieve important personal as well as business wins.
We recommend HRM One as a partner that can help design and create a highly supportive work environment. The HRM One team is trustworthy, expertly trained and highly professional. Knowing that they also offer a high level of flexibility and efficiency, working with the team is a great investment for the future.
Maruška Vihar

Director of Human Resources

Madleen Štanta

HR employee

Zavarovalnica Sava, d.d.

We have been working with HRM One to carry out the selection processes for Allianz Slovenia. They are very professional, fast and flexible. They help us to successfully overcome the language barrier with candidates, and we receive extremely high quality information about the candidates.
The cooperation with HRM One is easy and we are happy to recommend it.
Maja Vidaković

Talent acquisition and development generalist

Allianz Slovenija, branch office

In a changing environment, Big Bang has decided to rely on its team members to differentiate itself from the competition and to combine market potential (customers) with internal potential (employees). Our Potential Management team, which combines our HR and Marketing teams, has been working with HRM One because we believe in the expertise, professional execution and personalised approach that the HRM One team has. They have helped us to deliver key projects from the renewal of values, the annual development interview process, to the 360 analysis.
When transforming a company, as well as when implementing key projects, you need the right partner by your side to build on their experience and knowledge to make the project a success.

Big Bang, d.o.o.

We have been working with HRM One on the introduction of annual personal performance dialogues in the company. During the workshops our managers received the necessary information and knowledge for a successful implementation. The consultants made the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with their energy and professionalism and encouraged the managers to actively participate. Participants gave a positive evaluation on the experience.
As we liked their responsiveness and professionalism, we will contact HRM One again if we have additional HR training needs.
Vesna Kacin Perat

Human Resources Organiser


We have been working with HRM One in the area of employee development. With their support, we successfully implemented a 360 leadership competency analysis project for our middle management team. The aim was to diagnose the competences of our managers, provide them with feedback and then discuss with them fields for further development. The project was a great starting point for us to be able to carry out internal coaching with individuals and thus take care of their personal growth.
We have been extremely satisfied with the professional approach and the way HRM One has worked with us, as well as with their flexibility and adaptability. We felt that we were heard and understood.
Katja Bedenik

HR Business Partner


Our company has been working with HRM-One in the field of human resources management and leadership development since the very beginning.
We can say with certainty that they are a highly professional HR consulting company with high moral integrity and a focus on achieving our business goals, vision and strategy in the field of human resources management.

With optimism and a focus on the individual, they help us to create an environment for our employees where they develop sustainably and perform optimally.
They are distinguished by their responsiveness, availability and professionalism in dealing with day-to-day challenges in compliance with applicable legislation. They provide us with administrative HR and labour law support, comprehensive analysis of individuals and the organisation.
Their professional competences give us an objective insight into the way we operate, enabling us as a company to identify areas of strength, development opportunities for each individual and thus create a supportive working environment. The end result of our collaboration is a homogeneous team with shared values and goals and a successful business.
Blaž Šterk


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